If you’re like me and NOT an early morning person, and if you like me have your sprinklers set to activate early in the morning, then pay attention to this SPRINKLER ALERT!! (Alert sound here.) You need to turn on all the zones at least once a month and check to make sure all the sprinklers are aimed correctly and are not broken. One bad sprinkler head can reduce pressure, waste water, and deprive the other plants of water… all while you are snoozing. You don’t want a knock at the door from the “water police” either.

TONIGHT:  We will not be nearly as cold tonight with a low of 54.  The skies will be clear, and the winds will be SW at calm to 10 mph… a beautiful night.

FORECAST: Sunday will be sunny and hot with a high of 92.  Rapidly building high pressure will combine with warm SW winds to pop the high up to 92!  The SW winds will range from 10-25 mph, and the skies will be sunny.  On Monday, the winds become moderately gusty with partly cloudy skies.  Monday’s high: 89.  Tuesday will be partly to mostly cloudy with a slight chance of isolated showers and mountain t-storms.  Tuesday’s high: 87.  Wednesday will be partly cloudy and breezy a high of 84.  Thursday will be partly to mostly cloudy with a high of 80.  We’ll have a slight chance of a few isolated showers here and there.  Friday will be sunny and breezy with a high of 85. Saturday will be sunny and 89.