Construction of Montana Expressway project shows less impact on traffic in East El Paso


A major construction project to help you get better around east El Paso is underway.

A major construction project to help you get better around east El Paso is underway.

It’s known as the “Montana Expressway” project, and TxDOT El Paso said this will ease traffic on Montana between Global Reach Drive to Loop 375 in both directions.

“Many people might be wondering what type of work is going to be happening on the side of the roadway, because we’re not directly impacting traffic but the crews are out there,” Lauren Macias-Cervantes, spokesperson with TxDOT El Paso shared.

As the east side grows, so does the amount of traffic. That’s why TxDOT is widening Montana to three main lanes and three frontage road lanes from Global Reach Dr. to Loop 375. Nine bridge structures at five interchanges are also included, “So what that means in most areas is that Montana will be flying over intersections that are currently stop lights.”

A common question drivers may have is how long will it take?

TxDOT said it’s important to keep in mind that there are different phases that go into building future roadways.

“So we have crews as I mentioned clearing the area for these future lanes of the frontage road, but that also means they’re testing density. So that’s just how to make sure how much the soil is compacted to prevent future potholes,” Macias-Cervantes told KTSM, “There’s utility work and drainage work that has to happen before these roadways go in.

As this is just one of many construction projects going on in different parts of the city, TxDOT shared a friendly reminder to drivers.

“We ask them to leave early, keep a detour in mind just in case because you may encounter construction but in addition to that, you may encounter a car crash or something that’s going to take you additional time,” Macias-Cervantes added.

As of right now, the project does not have an impact on traffic but within the next 12 months, the frontage roads and ramp will be complete which will shift traffic as crews continue working on the project.

The second phase for the project will be adding two direct connector ramps at Montana and Global Reach Dr. and four direct connector ramps at Montana and Loop 375.

The project started earlier this year and is expected to be completely finished in less than three years.

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