All great things start with a vision. But what about when the vision develops into the clear idea that you can do something that will benefit others. What if you realise that you could help everyone to achieve a happy, healthy, inspired and motivated life – the natural way. It’s the stuff of dreams.

In 1992, Jeff Cook, owner and founder of NatureBee had a vision, but it wasn’t pretty. He could see the road ahead paved with serious health problems. He’d found himself stricken with most of the common issues of middle age; being overweight, concerns about cholesterol,  blood sugar and bowels.

Jeff started eating pollen every day. After about 3 months, he was a new man. The energising effect of this pure, natural superfood had really worked.  Many of his health problems eased or disappeared. He felt restored, strong and vital. When his doctor saw him six months later, he was surprised and delighted about the transformation. Jeff was given a clean bill of health and since then, has not looked back. He decided to learn everything he could about the extraordinary natural gifts from the beehive, and their ability to support human health and wellbeing.

The vision became a reality, and NatureBee is a now a company with customers across the globe. We have an impressive range of products containing key ingredients sourced directly from Mother Nature, and a large proportion of those from the incredible beehive. The vision has come full circle and has evolved into a reality –  where we do indeed strive to help you achieve a happy, healthy, inspired and motivated life – the natural way.