The MLB pitch clock is here and it is perfect. Well, not everybody might think it’s perfect but this new rule is speeding up spring training games and should do the same to the real games when the regular season starts in a few weeks. 

If you need proof that it’s awesome then check out this video of a Dodgers pitcher getting through a whole half inning in the same time it took a former Dodgers pitcher to throw one pitch in a game a few years ago. 

It has also led to some strange moments, like when an at-bat in a Diamondbacks-Cubs game started with a 1-1 count because both the hitter and batter didn’t beat the clock:

While that is definitely different from what we’re used to seeing in baseball, starting off an at-bat with a 1-1 count does speed things up a bit.

Some fans loved that:

Some fans hated that: