Thanksgiving is a work day in the NFL.

Teams either practice all day for their upcoming game on Sunday or play in front of the entire country on Thanksgiving. That's what the 49ers will do this Thursday -- they'll face the Seahawks in Seattle on Thursday Night Football. Of course, they'd rather spend the day with their families, but that's not the reality of the NFL.

Ask Kyle Shanahan. He's not just a head coach -- he's an NFL lifer. Grew up around the league because his dad was a coach for decades. On Monday, Shanahan recalled his favorite Thanksgiving memories.

"I always loved Thanksgiving growing up because you just get to watch football all day and usually wait for my dad to get home when we all sit there starving and he gets home about five minutes before our meal," Shanahan said. "That's usually a few hours later than everyone else's. So we're all irritated with him, and now I'm in that role. But no, we got to play on Thanksgiving in Dallas when I was at Washington and we had a huge win. We started out 3-6 that year and had to go on a big run and we had a big game versus Dallas, which I feel like led our team for the rest of the year to get to the Playoffs. So that was one of the more fun Thanksgiving days I've had in NFL.” 

Let's recap. Shanahan's favorite Thanksgiving memories are waiting for his dad to get home from work and coaching with him on Thanksgiving during a big win over the Cowboys.

Shanahan is more relatable than he seems.