FRISCO - ‘I love Jerry Jones!’ 

These are Jimmy Johnson’s words, delivered with grace and gratitude and gravitas, as your Dallas Cowboys ready for a Thanksgiving visit from an underdog Washington Commanders team … with “America’s Team” having just dispatched another have-not in the Carolina Panthers.

It was in Carolina where Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made the big announcement about his iconic coach finally being allowed entry into the team’s Ring of Honor.

"This may be strange - I love the guy," Johnson said of Jerry,  insisting, "my feeling for Jerry has never changed. ... He is a big, big part, maybe the biggest part, of my entire career."

Johnson will be the 25th member of the Cowboys Ring of Honor, and he'll be only the second head coach, joining Tom Landry.

Said Jones: "I really thought it was time, and I wanted to do it this year. Frankly, it just felt right. Certainly, there was a little awkwardness that was happening for not doing it (sooner) ... So I wouldn't want that to linger any longer at all."

But why was the Jerry/Jimmy press conference, reuniting the two co-architects of Dallas' trio of Super Bowl champs in the 1990s, complete with live TV hugs and kisses on FOX Sports, staged in Charlotte?

And why is Dec. 30 the chosen date for the Jimmy ceremony at AT&T Stadium in Arlington?

Oh, and what does another Hall of Fame icon in Troy Aikman (not to mention Roger Staubach) have to do with any of this?

Does all of this mean the “Cowboys Curse” (silly, right?) will now be lifted?

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