Special Report: Pure Oxygen Workout Beneficial?

El Paso, TX - Max Health is the Sun City's first oxygen gym. Guided by Dr. Mariano Palacios, EWOT- Exercise With Oxygen Therapy, is designed to enhance energy, burn fat, body detox, and provide anti-inflammatory and anti-aging workouts.

"EWOT has been around for a while, you are using a mask using almost 100-percent oxygen, and this saturates the plasma, giving you the feeling of Hyperbaric medicine without the risks," said Dr. Mariano Palacios.

Beau Bagley: Oxygen is pumped through the tubes, you breath it in while training... the oxygen is a catalyst for positive affects on a normal body, which helps with a more efficient workout, which is also a method used at Biometrix in west El Paso. Manager Gretchen McElroy is an endurance athlete, and says this type of training and recovery is crucial for her, but also works well for the average joe, and those who may be sick.

"All types of clients, people in chemotherapy, through chemo, and they cleanse their system of those chemicals, so this actually builds your immune system back up," said Gretchen.  

Cynthia Navarro was diagnosed with Thyromegaly, Rheumatoid arthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome, and frequents Max Health for two months, and says the results have been positive so far.

"My brain is clear, I'm thinking more clearly, I don't have the brain fog, and inflammation is going down," said Cynthia.

Max Health client Sergio Borunda has Multiple Sclerosis... he also reports healthy side effects: "Immediately filled with so much energy." And Cynthia hopes this type of treatment will better her daily lifestyle.

"I am going to be running in  the next several months, that's my goal."

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