EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – In March of 2019, Scott and Chuck Veliz started the Veliz Passing Academy and ever since they’ve been focused on developing local talent at the quarterback and wide receiver positions.

“It is about making them [camp participants] better, coaching quarterbacks, wide receivers, any skill position and that is what we take pride in,” said Scott Veliz. “The fact that we have third graders out here, we have high school seniors, we have two guys that have signed college deals out here so we are proud that we coach all the groups and we want to make them better and in turn make their El Paso teams better.”

The idea of the Veliz Passing Academy began after Scott left Oñate High School (now Organ Mountain) in 2018 after two seasons as the head coach and Chuck departed from his role as an assistant coach with UTEP Football after the 2016-2017 seasons.

With Chuck now retired, and Scott currently holding the role of offensive coordinator for the Naaman Forest Football program in Garland, Texas, the Veliz brothers are giving back to a community that has a special place in both their hearts.

“We just love it. We love giving back and coaching kids and this is our hometown,” said Scott Veliz. “I come here twice a year, Chuck still lives here, but I come in July and December and its important to me that these El Paso kids keep working, keep training to get better.”

“Both me and my brother [Scott] were born and bred El Pasoans,” said Chuck Veliz. “I coached here in this town for 29 years and I got an opportunity to coach with coach [Sean] Kugler and his staff at UTEP for a couple of years and it is just my chance to give back.”

Scott Veliz told KTSM that their summer camp this year has 94 participants, which is the most ever since the Veliz Passing Academy started in 2019. With this being their fifth camp held the Veliz brothers are hoping for it to grow.

“The way it is blowing up it just makes us feel great,” said Scott Veliz. “We’re going to keep doing this. He [Chuck] runs the weekends and I come into town twice a year to help him run the camp. It is very important to us for it to get bigger and stronger.”