EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – The 20-round 2022 MLB Draft will get underway with the first two rounds on Sunday, July 17, in Los Angeles.

One person that hopes to hear his named called during the draft is El Paso’s own Ivan Melendez.

The Coronado High School graduate took a gamble on himself when he decided to return to Texas for another year after being selected in the 2021 MLB Draft. Good news for Melendez is that the gamble payed off.

“I definitely bet on myself,” said Melendez. “It was probably one of the best choices I’ve made in my life so it is definitely paying off you know just knowing I invested in myself.”

In his last season with Texas, Melendez took over the college baseball world by storm. Melendez posted video game numbers as he led all of college baseball in home runs (32) and RBI (94). With his stellar play came all the yearly awards. Melendez won the 2022 Dick Howser Trophy, along with the National Player of the Year by the Collegiate Baseball Newspaper, and the most prestigious of them all, the 2022 Golden Spikes Award, which made him the first Longhorn in program history to receive the award.  

Now, Melendez has his eyes set on taking the next step in his baseball career: Major League Baseball.

The El Paso native will be in attendance for the upcoming MLB Draft which starts on July 17.

He may not have to wait that long in the opening day of the draft as he is expected to be taken in the early rounds.

“You know I am hearing top two rounds, late first, early second,” said Melendez. “Worst comes to worst, late second but we are hoping to go as high as we can.”

“I don’t think he gets out of the second round,” said ESPN Baseball Insider Kiley McDaniel when asked about Melendez draft projections. “Even if he is seen as a third round pick somebody is going to want to save money with a 22-year-old or older and do with a guy they feel very confident about and is very accomplished.”

With a draft call right around the corner for Melendez, the Hispanic Titanic is ready to start a new voyage in life.

“I don’t see it [life] changing much , you know I’ve played baseball my whole life,” said Melendez. “I kind of just see it as it being my job now, not having to do school work, just knowing I am not going to be in college anymore, it is going to be my occupation now and it matters and we are going to go from there.”

The 2022 MLB Draft will be held from July 17-19 in Los Angeles.

Here is a schedule of the three-day event:

Sunday (Rounds 1-2): 5 p.m. MT, Round 1 is on ESPN, Round 2 on MLB Network

Monday (rounds 3-10): 12 p.m. MT, MLB.com stream

Tuesday (rounds 11-20): 12 p.m. MT, MLB.com stream