EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Sun City residents are used to seeing Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones give back to his community.

The graduate of Burges High School and UTEP has done everything from shoe giveaways to bicycle donations and did it again on Friday, logging in to a Zoom call at a local elementary school.

For a class assignment, fifth grader Eli Chacon wrote a poem about Jones entitled, “The Magic Number.” His teacher put the computer camera in front of him as he recited the poem for the entire class, plus a special guest in hiding.

When Chacon finished reading his poem, Jones revealed himself to the class on the other end of the Zoom call, to much surprise and excitement from the fifth graders.

“That poem was special, thank you,” Jones told Chacon on the call. “That made my day just seeing how you all reacted. It made my day.”

Chacon and his family dropped by the KTSM 9 News studio on Sunday afternoon to discuss the poem, where Chacon described why he wrote about Jones.

“It was about your favorite super hero and I chose Aaron Jones because he’s from El Paso,” Chacon said.

The fifth grader also said that when he was asked to read his poem on camera, he thought it was because he was in trouble. Instead, he got to meet his hero over the Zoom call.