LAS CRUCES, New Mexico – On Saturday, Mayfield opened up its 2022 regular season against Manzano and collected a 35-0 in a game that only lasted one half due to lightning delays.

The Trojans stuck first after a seven yard run play with 6;26 left in the first quarter to put them up 7-0.

Moments later, teams were forced into their locker rooms and fans were asked to leave the Field of Dreams due to lightning strikes in the area. That forced the game to be delayed.

The game would resume less than an hour from the start of the delay, Mayfield would continue to control the game and collect at 35-0 lead heading into halftime.

During halftime, there was another lightning delay which eventually led to the game being called due to the weather.

Mayfield would secure a 35-0 win over Manzano in their 2022 season opener.