HONOLULU, Hawaii (KTSM) – Burges running back Tavorus Jones had the opportunity of a lifetime on Saturday night.

Jones, a four-star recruit signed with Missouri, played in the 2022 Polynesian Bowl in Hawaii, a game that features some of the best players in the nation each season.

The game aired on national television on CBS Sports Network; Jones played a few snaps throughout the game, getting four carries and making one catch.

He was featured by the broadcast crew in the first quarter after a run out of bounds, in which his helmet was ripped off by the defender.

“It’s cool meeting all the new players, everyone competing out here,” Jones said earlier this week. “It’s a good experience. I’m talking to all the players on where they’re committed and what they’re looking forward to in their freshman year of college.”

Jones’ Mauka team lost to the Makai team, 17-3 in Saturday’s game.