EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – It’s been one week since UCLA and USC shocked the college athletics world by bolting from the Pac-12 for the Big Ten.

Since that time, there’s been plenty of speculation about what moves might be next, but so far, very little concrete action. Multiple reports have said the Big 12 could add Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah, furthering depleting the Pac-12, but so far nothing substantial has materialized.

The biggest fish in the proverbial pond, according to many college football reporters, is Notre Dame. A college football Independent for over 100 years, it’s been speculated that the Fighting Irish are being courted by the Big Ten, but it’s unclear if that move will happen.

According to Chris Vannini, a reporter for The Athletic who specializes in Group of Five coverage, don’t expect Notre Dame to make a decision quickly; if the Fighting Irish want to finally join a conference, they’ll do it on their own terms.

“It feels like the sense is they’re willing to wait, no one expects Notre Dame to rush into a decision like that, something they’ve prided themselves on for a century,” said Vannini. “There’s not going to be any rush towards that. The other part is Washington and Oregon and what happens to the rest of the Pac-12. Do Oregon and Washington wait and hope the Big Ten offer comes? Do they wait it out with the rest of the Pac 12 or form a partnership with the ACC? Or, do those schools join the Big 12 and commit to that? The sense is that they may not rush into it.”

With no new moves being made at the Power 5 level just yet, that leaves any potential Group of Five teams hoping to make a move in limbo. Vannini told KTSM on Thursday that a few conferences in the Group of Five – the American Athletic Conference and the Sun Belt – likely have no moves to make.

The AAC added six schools from Conference USA last fall; those programs likely wouldn’t have the money to make another move so quickly, per Vannini. The teams in the Sun Belt are happy with where they’re at currently.

Conference USA is one league where there could be some movement if the dominoes fall perfectly, after the league almost fell apart last fall. Vannini told KTSM that if the Pac-12 eventually loses out on multiple schools and fills those spots with teams from the Mountain West, the Mountain West could be looking to add new programs.

UTEP and New Mexico State have long-been interested in joining the Mountain West and it makes sense from a regional standpoint. The Mountain West made it clear last fall that it had no interest in the Aggies and Miners, but if they were desperate enough, would they be interested?

“It’s possible, but it’s a bit of a long shot. The Mountain West didn’t expand last year and it could have. It could have grabbed some of those schools and it didn’t,” said Vannini. “If it’s missing some schools does the dynamic change? Possibly. I don’t know if they would reach for a UTEP or a New Mexico State. Would they look at a North Dakota State from the FCS level? I’m not really sure, that’s still several dominoes away.”

Television ratings and revenue have been a driving force behind this round of conference realignment and even at the Group of Five level, that will matter.

UTEP and New Mexico State have resided in Conference USA and the WAC for years, both of which don’t have very favorable television deals. Their ability to bring in fans and eyeballs may not be on the same level as other programs the Mountain West could bring in, even if the Miners and Aggies are a more obvious fit regionally.

“Television eyeballs are what drives realignment now,” said Vannini. “The markets and all that stuff is fine, but do people watch your games, your team? That determines how much a television company is willing to pay if a conference adds a team. You have to add to the pie if you’re coming into the conference.”

As of now, a potential move for either UTEP or New Mexico State isn’t on the board simply because the moves in front of them haven’t happened yet. It’s also important to note that given how things played out for the two programs last fall during realignment – nearly getting left behind before Conference USA managed to add NMSU and three other teams – C-USA isn’t the worst, or even a bad outcome.

However, if the situation presents itself for the Miners, Aggies, or both to make a play for the Mountain West in the coming weeks or months, expect them to do just that.