EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – It’s not very often that the special teams players get love, but after UTEP beat Florida Atlantic on a record-breaking Gavin Baechle kick on Saturday, it only felt right.

It’s true what they say: kickers are weird, but these guys go with the flow more than most.

UTEP’s four starting specialists – placekicker Gavin Baechle, punter Josh Sloan, holder Mark Ramos and long snapper Angelo Tejada – all started growing mullets in time for the 2022 season, Baechle’s last with the Miners.

“They always say specialists are the odd ones out and we make sure we’re together in being the odd ones out,” said Ramos.

Baechle and Tejada were the first to go with the flow, then Sloan, followed by Ramos this year. They’ve tried, but so far failed, to convince anyone else to get on the mullet train.

“They said they’re going to try it but it doesn’t look good, so I said, ‘do you think I look good? No. I look great in this!'” said Baechle

It may be an innocent haircut, but it shows a camaraderie the specialists have to have, maybe more than anyone else on the team.

“We’ve got heaps of inside jokes. We just muck around most of the time but we get the job done,” said Sloan.

Added Tejada, “Whenever we do stuff like this with the hair or we’re down there in the Sun Bowl just practicing it all comes together to be successful on days like those.”

Days like Saturday, when Baechle drilled the first game-winning field goal of his life to break UTEP’s career field goal record, with Tejada snapping, Ramos holding and Sloan waiting to celebrate on the sideline.

“A normal Wednesday is what we were calling it as we trotted on the field for the game-winner,” said Ramos. “We practice that exact moment every Wednesday.”

Ramos the holder and Tejada the snapper both said they were happier for Baechle than anything.

“I knew I couldn’t let him or the team down. So I knew if I did my job, Mark does his job, then I know Gavin can do his job as well,” said Tejada.

“The trust and camaraderie around all three of us, we’re all comfortable with each other and we know that if something does happen, the other person will be able to fix it and everything,” said Baechle.

The mullets have bonded the specialists together, which can only help UTEP when it matters the most.

“Those guys are rockin’ it and they look good so more power to them,” said UTEP head coach Dana Dimel.