LAS CRUCES, NM (KTSM) – The Western Athletic Conference (WAC) has taken a stance on the COVID-19 pandemic. The WAC Board of Directors postponing the start of the fall sports season to no earlier than September 10 for women’s soccer and September 16 for volleyball and men’s soccer.

“Two WAC committees, the Medical Advisory Group and the Contingency Planning Group, have been meeting on a weekly basis to ensure the safest manner for member institutions to conduct to fall competition,” said WAC Commissioner Jeff Hurd. “Their recommendations, which include a strong testing policy as well as a requirement for each of our institutions to put together an Emergency Action Plan, were reviewed and approved by the Board.”

The delay to the start of the season is designed to allow for teams to safely re-acclimate to training and competition following the cancellation of most organized spring and summer conditioning programs.

The delay to the season will likely mean canceled games for the New Mexico State women’s soccer and volleyball team.