LAS CRUCES, New Mexico (KTSM) – The first four games of the 2022 season for New Mexico State were far from easy ones. All four of their opponents made bowl games last year. One of them being their biggest rival: UTEP. Two of the remaining other three are two of the top teams in the Big Ten: Minnesota and Wisconsin.

After a 66-7 loss at Wisconsin last Saturday, the Aggies now move forward into the next phase of their schedule. A phase where they can honestly see how they stack up against some other competition.

“I think most people understand what the heck we’ve been through. Nobody in the country scheduled stuff like that,” said NM State head coach Jerry Kill. “What we’ve had to do is something nobody had to do so where we are at right now, I think we will see that against Hawaii.”

It was a very tough stretch for the Aggies and now they look ahead to using the experience they’ve gathered as they search for their first win of the Jerry Kill era and a 1-3 Hawaii team may be their best shot to do so.

“We got that stretch over with and now it is the heart of our schedule,” said NM State junior quarterback Diego Pavia. “Now we got to go do this. The next five games are really important to us so we want to make it happen.”

“We went through the first four weeks like really tough,” said NM State running back Star Thomas. “I just feel like we are now just getting into the groove. I feel like we are going to come out and put on a show.”

NMSU is listed as slight five point favorites over Hawaii. The Aggies and Rainbow Warriors face off on Saturday, Sept. 24 at Aggie Memorial Stadium. Kick off is set for 6:00 p.m. Mountain Time.