LAS CRUCES, New Mexico (KTSM) – Kyle Feit has been around the college basketball block a few times and he knows the gem of a school he’s found to continue his career.

The best three-point shooter in junior college basketball in 2021-22 signed with New Mexico State and new head coach Greg Heiar in early May, one of a plethora of talented transfers to link up with Heiar in Las Cruces.

It’s been a winding road for Feit to get here, but he can’t wait for the opportunity to contribute to what could be, on paper, the team to beat in the WAC in 2022-23.

“I’m really excited to be honest with you,” Feit told KTSM in a recent interview. “I think it’s going to be really special and a really fun year.”

A native of Florida, Feit played at IMG Academy before heading to the Pac-12 to play at Arizona State for three seasons. Injuries and a lack of playing time finally got to Feit and he left the Sun Devils after the 2020-21 season.

He resurfaced last season at the JuCo level, playing at Indian River State College in Florida. Typically a powerhouse, Feit and Indian River made it to the national junior college tournament in Hutchinson, KS.

“I didn’t know much about junior college basketball until last season,” Feit said. “It was very difficult coming from a high-major Division I to a junior college. But it proved to me that I only care about basketball, you go to the JuCo level if you really love basketball, so that’s what I did just spending the year working and betting on myself.”

The 6’4 sharpshooter will be a junior at New Mexico State in 2022-23 and his skillset could be immensely beneficial to the Aggies’ program. Feit led the nation in three-pointers made (112-241), shooting 46.5% from deep and averaging 12.3 points per game for a team that was ranked as high as second in the nation at the JuCo level.

Feit started all 33 games he played in, scoring 20 or more points five different times, including outbursts of 33 points (on 11-14 from three) and 37 points (9-14 from downtown).

It’s his three-point shooting that could really open the door for the Aggies’ offense under Heiar. The new NMSU coach prefers playmakers at every position and with transfers like Xavier Pinson (LSU), DaJuan Gordon (Missouri) and DeShawndre Washington (Northwest Florida State), there could be plenty of playmakers for the Aggies next winter.

He saw firsthand what Heiar’s JuCo national championship-winning Northwest Florida State team looked like last year playing for Indian River. Feit’s team beat Heiar’s 79-75 in December, 2021, with Feit scoring 14 points on 4-8 shooting from three-point land. Feit could play a crucial role in opening up the floor for NMSU’s playmakers, because of his ability to knock down three-pointers at a dangerous clip.

“I like the way (Coach Heiar) plays. The ball goes around both sides of the floor and pass up good shots for great shots,” said Feit. “My piece is crucial. I’m someone that no one can help off of, so that’s spacing for guys to get down hill. They’ll have a lot of room to work with and if my defender helps off, it’s a three going the other way.”

Feit is currently living and training in Tempe, Ariz., where he spent three years playing for ASU. One of the players he’s training with is New Mexico guard Jaelen House, with whom Feit played with at Arizona State.

He compares his game to the likes of NBA sharpshooters like Matt Thomas (Chicago Bulls), JJ Redick (retired) and Klay Thompson.

“I pride myself on how I move without the ball, it’s what I’ve gotten to be good at and it’s how I find my shots,” said Feit. “I like to watch guys who do that at a high level.”

WAC championships aren’t won on paper and neither are NCAA Tournament bids. But Feit likes the team that’s been assembled by Heiar in Las Cruces and thinks it could have a chance to make another run a conference championship.

For Feit, he’s won everywhere he’s been and expects nothing less.

“I went to IMG and we were top-10 in the country. At ASU we made the tournament two out of three years and at JuCo we were number two the entire year,” said Feit. “I’m used to winning too so I think it’s a perfect fit for me and a perfect fit for (Coach Heiar) too.”

Feit will arrive on campus at New Mexico State in June, along with the rest of the new Aggies, ready to begin building for the inaugural season under Greg Heiar.