Pebble Hills football player an inspiration to teammates, despite not being able to play

9 Overtime

In order to have a strong team on the field, it’s crucial to have a support system just as strong.

And whether things go up or down, the Pebble Hills High School football team knows one person who’s got their back.

Marcus Romero is a senior at Pebble Hills and may not be able to play on the field with his teammates, but he makes sure he’s always present at the games and practice to support them.

“He’s always there for us no matter what,” said teammate Cesar Melgoza. “Even when we come off a bad play, he’s always there saying good job, don’t worry about it. Just a very encouraging person.”

Mark Torres, Pebble Hills coach, said Romero has been an inspiration to the team.

“He’s a quick reminder that there’s more to it than just football,” Torres said. “We’re here for a lot more reasons than just to teach these guys how to play. Just when these guys start feeling down about themselves or they have a bad day, this guy never has a bad day.”

Melgoza added “Everytime I come to the sidelines he comes and he says ‘good job.’ He’s always just a fun guy to be around. He loves being around here. You can tell he always has a smile on his face and it’s amazing.”

Whether the team wins or loses, Romero never fails to remind everyone what the game is really about.

“A lot of people might think that we’re doing something for him but I would speak on behalf of our entire coaches, staff and all of our kids that him being here does more for us than we could ever do for him,” Torres said. “We just want to thank him and his family for allowing him to be a part of our family.”

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