Mickey’s Keys to the Game

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Mickey talks Cowboys v. Redskins

So what will it take for the Dallas Cowboys to continue their winning ways on Sunday against the Washington Redskins.

Cowboys Insider Mickey Spagnola has his Key’s to the Game.

It’s that time again for our Silver Star Nation keys to the Cowboys game. This one’s Sunday against the Washington Redskins.

The first key is “Zeke Em” The Cowboys certainly established they can throw the football sling in and around against the Giants for four hundred and five yards and four passing touchdowns. Now it’s time to establish the run with Ezekiel Elliott. He certainly should be ready to go. He’s had two weeks of practice and thirty-seven snaps in that game against the Giants. Time to turn Zeke loose.

The second key to the game is bigger D. While the Cowboys held the Giants to 17 points in that opener they did give up four hundred and seventy yards of total offense. The Cowboys offense must be better than that against the Redskins if they expect to leave the nation’s capital with a victory

And the third key is no Adrian. As in Adrian Peterson Darius Guise is out for the Washington Redskins and Adrian Peterson is going to be their starting running back. He didn’t play last week. He was inactive. He’ll be chomping at the bit not only to get back in the game but get back in the game against the Dallas Cowboys for the Silver Star Nation. Mickey Spagnola.

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