Garrett talks about loss to Jets

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Garrett not panicking

The Cowboys loss to the 0-4 New York Jets on Sunday has left fans wondering about the caliber of this team.

Cowboys insider Mickey Spagnola says Head Coach Jason Garrett is not panicking….

After the 24 22 loss to the Jets on Sunday the Cowboys are mired in a three-game losing streak. They haven’t lost three in a row since games nine through eleven in the twenty seventeen season when Ezekiel Elliott began his six-game suspension. So, Jason Garrett the Cowboys head coach has got to figure out how to get them out of this but one of the things that Jason always preaches is remaining consistent no matter if you win or you lose.

I think it’s important to you’ve got to be careful about using the word always and never right. But for the most part I think I think what players are looking for what a team is looking for is consistency. Things you believe in a structure and something they can fall back to a base of foundation. And obviously you have to make adjustments as you go whether it’s personnel or scheme or whatever those smaller things are. But the big things that you believe in the things you have conviction about.  I think everyone responds best when they remain consistent

And you know the strange thing in this losing streak. Two of these three games have been decided by just two points and you have to go back to the 1986 season to find the last time the Cowboys lost two games in a season by two points. Kind of a strange deal for the Silver Star Nation on Mickey Spagnola.

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