Cowboys enter BYE weekend

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Cowboys off this weekend

The Dallas Cowboys have the weekend off to recover from recent injuries and get a little down time as the team enters its BYE week.

Cowboys Insider Mickey Spagnola talks about what the Cowboys will do with their time off and how much it will help.

As we take a deep breath with the Dallas Cowboys on their bye weekend, the one thing that we know is this offense, with the exception of that ten point effort at New Orleans, has been playing at a high level, averaging 30 points a game in the other six games and now ranked the number one offense in the National Football League. And if that’s the case, then the quarterback has to be playing at a high level also.

He’s off to a really good start. His leadership has been fantastic. His mental physical toughness has been fantastic. He, too, is a great example to his teammates about how he approaches it every day, handles his success, handles the adversity week to week, play by play. I just think he’s been outstanding in that regard. He’s certainly been very productive for us throwing the football, very productive running the football. He’s playing at a very high level. Certainly, plenty of things that he uses to work on. He works on it as hard and as well as anybody I’ve ever been around. So, he’s a very focused guy, very purposeful guy. So certainly, off to a great start and hopefully gets better and better as we go.

And if you add all that to the level Ezekiel Elliott playing and Amari Cooper’s playing, this offense needs to fuel the Cowboys in the second half of the season for the Silver Star Nation on Mickey Spagnola. Enjoy the weekend.

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