Cowboys acquire Bennett

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Michael Bennett joins Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys made a trade with the New England Patriots today for a defensive player.

Michael Bennett…who was having a rough season in New England will be headed to Dallas in exchange for a draft pick next year.

Cowboys Insider Mickey Spagnola has the details of the trade.

[00:00:11] Well, if one Bennett doesn’t work, why don’t you try another, the Dallas Cowboys trading for the older brother of Mark. Tell us, Bennett. Michael Bennett, the defensive lineman who’s been with the New England Patriots this year. The Cowboys gave up a conditional seventh round pick that can become a six, depending on how productive Bennett becomes. The Cowboys have been looking for help, too, on the defensive line at the three technique defensive tackle behind Marlene Collins. They lost Tyrone Crawford earlier this season. They placed him on injured reserve and they really didn’t have much depth there. So Bennett, not a major deal considering he only played in six games for the Patriots, was suspended. One game was having problems agreeing with Brett believe to their defensive line coach. So the Patriots suspended him. He came back this week and he hasn’t been very productive there either. In those six games, he’s only had two and a half sacks, five tackles and four quarterback hits. So the Cowboys are looking for rotational depth on the defensive line. We’ll see what he can do to help that depth at the defensive tackle spot for the Silver Star Nation on Mickey Spagnola. Have a great bye weekend.

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