Olympic pools turn green

Going for the Gold 2016

Both the diving and water polo competitions have become very colorful in the 2016 Summer Olympics. That’s because the water in the pool is turning green.

As synchronized divers make a splash in Olympic waters, the color of that water is making headlines. Everyone wants to know what’s turning the pool green.

“Brazil is beautiful. I think this is a beautiful Olympics. everyone has been so welcoming and fun and I’m really proud to be here,” Jesse Smith, a USA water polo team member, said.

Off camera, maintenance personnel say a pipe burst and they believe algae may be growing in the pool, and for a while, there was no official word of the cause or solution. After testing, the Olympic committee announced the water had been tested and determined the color is caused by algae.

One USA water polo Olympian said he wasn’t worried about the color.

“Actually I’m kind of used to it. It happened at a tournament a few weeks ago as well. Yeah, it’s different, but we just have to adjust to different factors and different environments. And it’s a little green, a little murky. Overall it’s still the same game so we’re fine,”  Brett Bonanni said.

The water is of no harm to Olympians and will be treated.

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