Olympic Golf Preview: Rio 2016

Going for the Gold 2016

Welcome to the Olympic Golf Course in Rio de Janeiro, where 60 male golfers will tee off for gold beginning Thursday.

There’s no cut, so they’ll all play through Sunday. Unlike on tour, though, they aren’t playing for money. They’re playing for medals.

It’s not unusual for golfers to play a course they’ve never seen before; in fact, that happens all the time on the PGA tour. But it’s pretty obvious what makes this course different from others.

A member from Team USA puts it this way; “It’s a different feel from the aspect of, we’re not a team, we are a team but we’re not, but the flag, what it represents, what our colors, everything that represents the United States, we’re a part of it and it’s very exciting.”

Team USA has four golfers in Rio; Ricky Fowler, Bubba Watson, Patrick Reed, and Matt Kutcher. Combined, they represent one of 34 countries that will be competing on the course. It’s a little more than 7,100 yards, a par 71. 

The women compete next Wednesday through Saturday.

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