Which black lampshade is best?

A black lampshade can be a simple but elegant statement piece to add to any room’s decor. When you’re shopping for one, factors such as material, shape, pattern and attachment style should be considered before you make your choice. 

For a timeless and high-quality black lampshade, try Royal Designs, Inc. Tapered Shallow Drum Hardback Lamp Shade. It’s made of silk-type shantung and is available in seven sizes with a spider attachment.

What to know before you buy a black lampshade


Most lampshades are made of fabric, silk or paper. Silk and fabric lampshades are often the most traditional and vintage looking, with either a rolled or pleated design. Paper or parchment lampshades can be beautiful and intricate, though they can be a fire hazard and should be used with appropriate safety precautions. These include ensuring your bulb and wiring are in good condition, only using low-wattage light bulbs to avoid overheating and turning the lamp off when you leave the room. If you want a romantic or intimate lampshade for a bedroom or formal room, silk is a great choice. Fabric often has a more casual or statement look that’s better suited to family living spaces.


Your lampshade should be a size proportionate to the base that it sits on. If you need a shade for a table lamp, choose one that’s approximately three-quarters the height of the lamp base it will attach to. The diameter of the base of the lampshade should be about the same measurement as the height of the lamp itself, from base to fitting. Lampshades for floor lamps should always have a base diameter of at least 18 inches.

What to look for in a quality black lampshade


Black lampshades come in a variety of different shapes, with empire, drum and square being the most popular and easy to find. The shape of your lampshade is essentially down to personal preference, though if you want a harmonious and cohesive look, you should match the shape of your lampshade to the shape of the lamp itself. You should also consider the size of the room where your lamp will be displayed, as well as any other furniture that will be near the lamp. You may wish to choose a shape that complements other fixtures and items in the space.


The two main styles of lampshade attachments are spider fitter and bulb clips. Spider attachments feature three metal arms that reach across the frame of the lampshade from the outer rim into the middle. In the center, the arms join at a ring, which sits on top of the lamp’s harp and is secured with a finial. Spider attachments are the most common style of lampshade. 

Bulb clips are less common than spider attachments but are very easy to assemble, as they don’t require any additional parts or hardware. They clip directly onto the light bulb and are available in two different sizes to fit either regular or candelabra bulbs. If you prefer to use high-wattage bulbs in your lamp, choose a lampshade with a spider attachment, as bulb clips aren’t recommended for use with high-wattage bulbs because of how close they sit to the heat.

How much you can expect to spend on a black lampshade

The price of black lampshades varies substantially depending on materials, brand, size, adornment and the style of attachment. You can typically expect to spend $20-$85 per lampshade, though designer options can cost a lot more.

Black lampshade FAQ

How should you clean your lampshade?

A. How you clean your lampshade depends on its materials. Silk and fabric lampshades should be wiped down with a soft, dry cloth or gentle brush. If it’s stained beyond what can be simply wiped off, fill a clean sink with warm water and add a small amount of delicate laundry detergent. Soak the fabric lampshade in the water for a couple of minutes, gently rinse off any soap, and wipe dry with a clean cloth. If your lampshade is made of paper or parchment, just use a dry microfiber cloth to gently remove any dust or dirt; don’t wet a paper lampshade.

Are lampshades safe?

A. Lampshades are safe so long as your bulb and wiring are intact and high-quality. Never use a bulb that exceeds the recommended wattage for your lamp, and always ensure that there’s adequate space between the bulb and your lampshade to prevent overheating. If you’re using a paper or parchment lampshade, never leave the room while the lamp is on and use a low-wattage bulb. 

What’s the best black lampshade to buy?

Top black lampshade

Royal Designs, Inc. Tapered Shallow Drum Hardback Lamp Shade

Royal Designs, Inc. Tapered Shallow Drum Hardback Lamp Shade

What you need to know: This silk-type shantung lampshade is smooth and dramatic.

What you’ll love: The tapered shallow drum shape and matte finish is traditional and timeless while still being stylish. This lampshade is available in seven sizes with a spider attachment.

What you should consider: Some buyers found the packaging to be unsatisfactory, resulting in the lampshade being dented during shipping.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top black lampshade for the money

Aspen Creative Pleated Empire Lamp Shade

Aspen Creative Pleated Empire Lamp Shade

What you need to know: If you prefer a more traditional lampshade look, this simple pleated option is a good choice.

What you’ll love: This 9-inch black lampshade is made of tetron cotton. It has an empire shape and features a spider attachment. The pleated design is stylish and eye-catching without being overwhelming on simple lamps.

What you should consider: The fabric and lining are not as high-quality as more expensive options.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Cloth&Wire Slant Empire Hardback Lampshade with Bulb Clip

Cloth&Wire Slant Empire Hardback Lampshade with Bulb Clip

What you need to know: This black lampshade offers a simple trimmed edge and low-key design, giving it versatility.

What you’ll love: This lampshade is made of linen with a base diameter of 8 inches. It features a bulb clip attachment. The simple layered trim on both the top and bottom of the shade is classic and delicate. The lampshade can be simply wiped clean.

What you should consider: This lampshade can’t be used with a lamp that needs a spider attachment.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

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