El Paso Zoo raises awareness of missing orangutan moms

Positively El Paso

The El Paso Zoo took part in the International Missing Orangutan Mother’s Campaign (M.O.M.) on Sunday, as part of an annual awareness campaign that happens every Mother’s Day. 

The campaign is aimed at bringing attention to the growing number of orangutan mothers that go missing due to poaching, the black market pet trade, and palm oil farms across the world.

The El Paso Zoo has been holding this event on Mother’s Day for several years. 

“There are hundreds of orphan baby orangutans raised by humans in the hope they can be released and they are releasing orangs orphaned this way so every year they are able to release a few,” Zookeeper Ashley Potchynok said.

Visitors can see the orangutan family, including parents Butch and Ibu along with baby Khaleesi who just celebrated her fourth birthday on April 23. Khaleesi was the first orangutan born at the El Paso Zoo.  

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