EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — The New England Patriots team plane has landed… in El Paso.

Viewers began sending photos into the KTSM 9 News desk on Wednesday morning saying the Patriots team plane has, “been there all week.”

According to a spokesperson with the Patriots, the Boeing 767-300ER arrived at the El Paso International Airport earlier this week for a domestic Department of Defense (DOD) transport. The spokesperson also telling KTSM they try to keep both of their team planes running during the offseason so they don’t sit idle on a tarmac for extended periods of time when the team is no longer using them.

In 2017, the Patriots became the first NFL franchise to purchase their own airplanes for team travel. They’re nicknamed the “AirKrafts” after Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

The pair of 767 Boeing aircrafts also fly commercially for Eastern Airlines during the offseason.