EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — El Paso Congresswoman Veronica Escobar represented Texas in what became one of the most memorable moments in this year’s Democratic National Convention — the roll call that collects the number of delegates from each state for the party’s nominees.

Due to the pandemic, this year’s roll call, which typically happens on the convention floor, was moved to a location in each state and U.S. territory. At least one person representing each state and the needs and values of that state.

For Texas — that was Congresswoman Veronica Escobar — live from Downtown El Paso.

“A year ago, my safe community of El Paso was targeted by a domestic terrorist who murdered 23 innocent people and devastated all of us. His motive was racism and xenophobia. In the face of hate, we choose love. Siempre lo hemos hecho, siempre lo haremos, and in the face of continued gun violence in America we demand change. The time has come to act,” Escobar said.

She then went on to read the number of pledged delegates from Texas — one abstention, 98 votes for Bernie Sanders, and 161 pledged delegates for Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Flanked on each side by a cross-section of El Pasoans, including Borderland Rainbow Center Brenda Risch, a representative from Moms Demand Action, and others.

Tuesday’s Roll Call gained praise across social media for its use of geographic and cultural diversity to showcase each state and its people. It highlighted the party’s 2020 convention theme “We the People,” taking stock of working-class people to leaders across the nation’s 57 voting states and territories. In some moments, it even resembled the Olympic parade of nations.

“This Democratic Convention Roll Call is a real treat to watch as it is making the nomination much more personal and takes us to parts of our country most don’t get to see. This feels like a nomination coming from the country rather than a canned event in a loud hall,” Michael Steele, former RNC chairperson said in a tweet.

As Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware announced its final delegates, Biden officially became the Democratic Party’s nominee for President.