WWII Veteran Reacts to Neo-Nazi Violence


The death of American Heather Heyer, at the hands of a Nazi sympathizer on U.S. soil, strikes deeply into the hearts of those who fought Nazis in Europe.

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Bob Chisolm dodged bullets to land on Normandy. His mission was to fight the Nazis. Chisolm tells NewsChannel 9 that we have Nazi problem in America.

“My feeling when i see these people demonstrating and saying they’re Nazis, I think, man, you don’t know what a Nazi is,” Chisolm said. “How in the world could you claim to be a Nazi or support Nazis or anything the Nazis do?”

Chisolm says although he believes one of our most important rights as Americans is freedom of speech, he does not consider this weekend’s events a form of free speech.

A photo of a man wearing an 82nd Airborne cap making a Nazi salute is also making the rounds on social media.  Chisolm says it’s shameful and incredibly difficult to believe how an American could consider themselves a Neo-Nazi.  He says he thinks back on the concentration camps he witnessed and believes the reason behind this rise of white nationalism is a lack of education.

“I don’t know if it’s the fact that these young people aren’t educated,” Chisolm said. “They don’t really know what an organization like the Nazis did what they did. I think they’d be better off if they take them in sit them down and show them pictures of these concentration camps.”

Chisolm says he does not believe this weekend’s events represent the values of veterans and the 82nd Airborne.

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