(NBC) – A popular pig in Spain has outgrown her home, but his owners said they’re struggling to find a new place to move with their porcine companion.

Bacon is a playful 3-year-old large white pig that lives in an apartment in Madrid with his two owners, Sara Allegri and her boyfriend David Live.

Bacon was just a tiny piglet when Allegri brought him home from a holiday in Southern Spain.

Now Bacon’s ample girth has outgrown the tiny apartment and is spending more time in the home due to the COVID-19 restrictions. The owner’s neighbors have been complaining about the animal, so Allegri and Live said they are trying to find a new and larger place to live. However, no one seems open in allowing Bacon to come along.

Bacon is well-known in his area of Madrid, but even his celebrity status doesn’t seem to help.

Allegri and Live are trying to find a willing landlord.

Bacon spends his days at a local dog park playing with his canine friends.

Allegri said she has no intention of parting with Bacon and holds out hope someone will take pity on them and Bacon and give them a home.