EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — As the weather starts to heat up in the Borderland, here are some dos and don’ts on how to maintain your HVAC unit this summer.

Beck Booth, area general manager with Train Residential, said an air conditioning unit is like a car — it needs proper care and attention to run properly.

As these sorts of units work overtime during the brutal summers and if they are not kept up, you could run into issues.

The top things to look out for are leaks, unusual noises and smells.

  • “We have a a condensate drain that usually works to take that condensation away from that machine to keep it from there being water damage in your home,” Booth said.
  • “…If you hear, like a clanking or it or it starts making strange noises when it’s starting up, and that’s usually it’s telling you that it needs some help with something.” Booth said.
  • “If you have a gas furnace, that smell could could mean that there’s some kind of a natural gas leak going on, which can be very detrimental to your home and your family.” Booth said.

Booth recommends that those with these A/C units constantly change their air filters every 30 days and you get it checked by a professional every six months.

“Air conditioning is one of those just invisible things we don’t think about unless it’s not working right. And if it breaks down in summer and it either cannot be fixed and needs to be replaced, and you’re going to be waiting a lot longer to get something replaced or fixed in the summer time, then you would if you have maintained it,” Booth, said.