Winter is coming: How to drive safely on wintry weather roads

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Snow is in the forecast for much of El Paso and Southern New Mexico. 

We expect to see snow coming down as early as Friday afternoon for much of Southern New Mexico, and then possible snow flurries in El Paso on Saturday into Sunday. 

Having that said, here are some winter weather driving tips to keep in mind as you hit the road this weekend, courtesy of New Mexico Department of Transportation. 

Reduce your speed: To prevent accident on snow and ice on the road is to slow down and leave plenty of room between you and the driver in from of you. 

Practice good winter driving techniques: Keep your gas tank full, keep your windshield washer fluid full with antifreeze, keep winter driving chains in your car, and have a winter kit in your car which includes: flashlight, hand warmers, high energy snacks, bottled water and first aid supplies. 

Avoid driving in a snow cloud: Semi-trailer trucks and snow plows may produce dense clouds of blowing snow that make it difficult for drivers to see. When drivers encounter snow clouds, they should stay back to avoid it.

Don’t use cruise control: Never use cruise control when the roads are in slippery conditions. Using it can reduce your control of the vehicle if your tires begin to skid or slip.

Make sure to stay updated with the Weather Authority’s latest forecast before you plan a road trip or begin your commute. 

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