Wildlife rescue group works to save orphaned fawn


A local wildlife sanctuary is hoping to use their most recent rescue as a lesson of what to do if you come across an animal in need.   

Second Chance Wildlife Rescue is a non-profit providing a place to bring injured, ill, abandoned, or orphaned wildlife for rehabilitation.

The rescue group was contacted about a fawn two months ago who was being kept by a family days after being born. According to Josie Karam, the owner of Second Chance Wildlife Rescue, keeping wild animals in your home is illegal, since these animals are federally protected.

Karam says the fawn was brought to her in bad shape, with his umbilical cord still attached and not being able to walk. “He was dehydrated and emaciated. He was almost dead when he got to us,” said Karam.

The fawn would not be ready for release until a couple of months, but according to Karam, he may not be able to be released at all. “I believe they were feeding him cows milk which is very destructive to their intestinal system,” said Karam. “He already got that human scent on him, so it’s going to be difficult to just put him out in the wild and expect him to make it on his own.”

The rescue group says they want to use this experience as a lesson of what people should do if they come across young wildlife or an animal in need. “We tell people leave them alone, unless you know they are injured or you know the mother is dead, then leave them alone and the parents will come back. Do not touch them, do not take them into your house, and don’t put them in your yard where mom can’t get to them because mom, by instinct, will tell them stay where they are and come back to feed them,” said Karam.

Although trying to rehabilitate him, Karam says she is limiting human contact and hoping to find a herd of deer that will teach him how to survive. If that plan does not work, the sanctuary says it has created a page to raise money to build a special area for the fawn to live at their facility.

The rescue group says they are also looking for volunteers.

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