EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – After El Paso City Council decided that Duranguito will no longer be the area where the city will build the multipurpose center, the question still remains about the future of the neighborhood.

Antonia Morales, Duranguito’s last remaining resident, was elated to hear that she will now be able to live in her neighborhood in peace.

“When they finished talking and everything and they said they were gonna leave us alone, I felt happy and content because this is bothering for some. One lives calm and comfortable and out of nowhere they come and say they wanna move it and knock it down.”

However, this now leaves the city without funds to repurpose the buildings, but according to attorney Veronica Carbajal there are other ways the city could get the money.

“While there might not be any funds right now there are of course things the city can apply for, foundation money grants as well as tax credits offered by the federal government due to the historic nature of these buildings.”

Even so, Morales believes that her neighborhood should be left alone.

“They should leave us here just how we are, we’re calm, clean and secure, we don’t want anybody to come and do things because here we live calm and happy.”

Nevertheless, Carbajal understands that Duranguito could bring people out to come and enjoy the art, history and culture that the neighborhood has to offer.

“I think that is what we would want here, heritage tourism type of attractions which would include small museums, it would include galleries small restaurants etc. that would bring in people during the day but if you have residents there its a way to ensure that the community is vibrant throughout the day and throughout the week.”

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