Weather phenomena takes over El Paso skies


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Many people looked up and saw this view Wednesday afternoon.

Sun Halo captured in West El Paso Wednesday afternoon.
Photo by: Jaime Seyferrt

This weather phenomenon is called a Sun Halo. Cirrus clouds, which are made up of ice crystals, form around the sun. The sun’s rays then refract on these ice crystals creating a halo around it.

There’s an old weather saying: ring around sun or moon means rain or snow soon.

There is some validity to this. As a storm system begins to approach, clouds tend to start off pretty high, cirrus clouds, and then as the system moves in, clouds gradually lower and thicken.

That is exactly what happened Wednesday afternoon. A storm system moved in from the east and pushed west, producing light rain in parts of Far East El Paso.

Many East El Pasoans, however, just felt the outflow winds that came off from this storm.

Video of a Sun Halo over the Sun City.
Video by: Paulina Seyferrt

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