WAUKEE, Iowa — The Waukee Community School District is investigating a possible racist presentation made inside a history class at Timberline School.

Photos of the presentation spread on social media, along with the inappropriate and discriminatory words and phrases it may have contained.

According to students, the presentation contained the following quotes:

  • “Send illegals back to where they came from”
  • “There is a huge influx of Mexican rapists
  • “In the end, Mexicans are bad”

Students also say it contained photos of former President Trump.

Fabiola Schirrmeister’s children attend Timberline. She remains concerned about how this was able to happen and questions how the school district will respond to the incident.

“They were really not empathetic, not offering any resources immediately to our community,” said Schirrmeister. “It was more about protecting the kids that were involved from the presentation and the professor in my opinion.”

In a statement, Timberline School principal Adam Shockey called the presentation “inappropriate for school” and “very concerning.” Shockey said the district does not tolerate hate speech or threatening messages in the classroom.