WATCH: Eastlake High School student expresses why he holds the door for his peers every morning


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – “A simple compliment goes a long way.”

One Eastlake High School student holds the door for his peers every morning no matter the weather – rain or shine.

Diego Villarreal, 16, is a sophomore who wants to make sure his peers start their day on a positive note.

” We’ve always instilled good manners, kind thoughts and actions towards others in our children, so it did not come as a surprise that Diego was doing this with everyone, not just his friends,” said Ana Villarreal, Diego’s mother.

Villarreal tells KTSM he himself has benefitted from other people greeting him nicely or opening a door for him when he has gone through a tough time.

This simple act of kindness he hopes can change someone’s day just like it has for him.

“I do it because I’ve had friends who can be like extremely sad and a simple ‘hi’ would make their day so much better,” said Villareal.

When Villarreal greets someone and he does not get a response, he makes it a point to go back to that person later and make sure everything is okay.

“At our school, we do SEL lessons every week (Social Emotional Learning) and doing something kind like opening the door for someone was a character dare two weeks ago. However, Diego has taken these lessons to heart and has continued on because he has noticed what a positive impact he’s made in a lot of people,” said Ana Vazquez, Eastlake High School teacher.

Vazquez posted a video of Diego Villarreal greeting students Tuesday morning. Vazquez said in her post she has never had Diego as a student but “this level of kindness is rare.”

“Nowadays we forget how to be good and seeing these types of acts reminds us how to be kind,” said Vazquez.

Diego believes people should learn to be happy with themselves, and hopes this act of kindness can motivate some students to appreciate themselves a little more.

“Hope you have a great day,” said Diego Villarreal.

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