EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Embattled El Paso District Attorney Yvonne Rosales has been ordered to appear in court twice in the coming week.

If she does not appear, a warrant could be issued. As we have reported, Rosales has been hard to find during her removal proceedings.

The first hearing on Monday, Nov. 28 involves Rosales’ attorney withdrawing from her case. The second on Wednesday, Nov. 30 has to do with the Walmart shooter case and whether or not the gag order has been violated.

In addition, an amended petition for Rosales’ removal has been filed by County Attorney Jo Anne Bernal who has taken over the case.

The amendments show the County Attorney’s Office’s allegations of misconduct against Rosales. These include allegations of Rosales mishandling the Walmart shooter case.

“These are legitimate complaints and legitimate reasons that Yvonne Rosales has to go,” said retired El Paso Magistrate Judge Penny Hamilton.

“It just shows an increase in the inactivity, if you will, that the District Attorney’s Office is not doing and putting our public and our community at risk,” she says.

Hamilton says she’s never seen anything like this.

“(It’s) just broken my heart from the time things started going south in the D.A.’s office, working there for over 20 years as I did and taking my oath of an assistant district attorney seriously and trying to work for the people of this community. To see what’s going on now is horrific and I am so sad,” Hamilton said.

KTSM asked Hamilton about what will happen if Rosales does not show up to court next week.

“She could be held in contempt. That’s certainly an option that the judge has and if she’s held in contempt, then a warrant could be issued for her. That is possible,” Hamilton said.

Multiple sources tell KTSM that Rosales had agreed to resign last Friday. However, that didn’t happen.