Waco, TX (FOX 44) — The Waco-McLennan County Retired Teachers Association gathered for its first meeting this academic year to discuss an issue you’ll see on the November ballot.

Its for cost of living. Its a part of a statewide campaign now launched to raise awareness on the issue.

In the November election, every voter will see Proposition 9 on the ballot.

It’ll give retired teachers a pension increase, the first one for public teachers in nearly 20 years.

Lynn Allen is a retired teacher from Robinson ISD who attended today’s conference to hear about Prop. 9.

“We really need this raise, some people haven’t had a raise in years and years. It’s not right,” said Allen.

The Texas legislature put aside $3 billion to support the Texas Teacher Retirement System fund to aid retired school employees.

“We’re going to make sure that you can survive so that the teacher retirement is not a pathway to poverty,” said Texas Retired Teachers Association executive director Tim Lee.

Lee spoke Tuesday saying it can benefit over 400,000 retired school employees across the state.

Lee’s purpose for this campaign is to make sure people know what they’re voting for.

“There is no tax increase that is needed. They used some of the money that was extra in its last legislative session to make this investment into our retired school employees,” said Lee.

“We’ve got teachers who have not had a raise since 2004. You can imagine what that salary schedule was like in 2004, and that they never earned another dime over that. It’s crazy,” said Allen.

The cost of living increase depends on when the teacher retired.

“Older retirees who also made lower incomes would get as high as a six percent cost of living increase. Some of the more recent retirees would get between two and four percent, depending on when they retired,” said Lee.

Educators will not have to make additional contributions into the teacher retirement system to see these benefits.

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