VIDEO: Woman wears giraffe costume at H-E-B to ‘spread some joy’


AUSTIN (KXAN) — Sadness. Worry. Fear. That’s what Autumn Circe saw on the faces of fellow grocery shoppers as the realities of the global coronavirus pandemic began to take hold in Texas.

“I want to find a way that I would not only keep me safe, but bring a little joy to peoples day!” Circe said.

That’s when last year’s Halloween costume came to mind. And then, people started seeing a unique sight at her local HEB grocery store: a giraffe wandering the aisles.

A video Circe shared shows her wearing a large, inflatable giraffe costume and stopping to smell the flowers in the grocery store’s floral department. She says people have stopped her to take pictures and also just to thank her for putting a smile on their faces.

“I might not actually be able to see their smiles or laughs might be a little muffled because of the mask, but nonetheless it warms my heart; it makes my day to know that even in these hard times, I can be a little bit of light for somebody!” she told KXAN.

As for why she chose to dress as a giraffe — “My passion and I love them with all my heart,” Circe said. She added that her apartment is home to about 600 giraffe-themed items.

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