EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — It’s been less than a week since the Department of Homeland Security announced new enforcement rules that Venezuelan migrants who cross into the U.S. illegally would be expelled under Title 42.

Title 42 is the public health order that allows Border Patrol agents to expel migrants over COVID-19 concerns but until October 12, Venezuelans had been exempt.

Groups of migrants have been expelled back to Mexico since the new enforcement rule went into effect.

Meanwhile, more Venezuelans continue to arrive at the Juarez-El Paso border as they tell our crews they had believed they would be allowed to cross into the U.S.

According to Border Report, Juarez rushed to get migrants indoors as we are seeing temperatures fall below 50 degrees.

Migrants could be seen sleeping on the streets, including families with young children.

Venezuelan migrants in Juarez Mexico

One woman named Rosimar from Venezuela could be seen sitting on the ground in Juarez speaking about the cold weather.

“It’s terrible, terrible. It was a very bad experience. We are just thankful that some people brought us these blankets before it started raining but truly it was a terrible experience. The cold in here is horrible and we can’t cross,” Rosimar said.

This woman has not yet crossed to the United States, after making the journey from Venezuela with her husband and child.

“All we can do is wait here until there is a solution. They closed the doors on us, and we are not going back after all we did to get here. Hopefully, God will open the heart of President Biden because that’s the only choice,” Rosimar said.

She was asked how long she plans to stay on the street.

“I rather stay here and wait for a solution. The idea is hopefully they will open the doors after all that we’ve been through, at least us that went in before Oct. 12,” said the woman.

Another man and woman from Venezuela could be seen walking in the streets of Juarez, the man with a donated blanket wrapped around him.

 “We’re waiting for an answer from the United States,” the man said.  

“If not, we’re just going to try to cross,” the woman with him said.

On Monday, a group could be seen standing in a line after crossing the river to the American side. They stood there for a while speaking with one another before returning back to the Mexican side.

A group of migrants deciding whether or not to cross into the United States

“At this moment, we’re asking the government of the United States, please open its heart,” said a man from Venezuela named Victor. “We’ve crossed a jungle that all Venezuelans have had to cross. Families have been lost, kids, grandparents, old people. Here at this moment we have kids that are day and night they’re waiting for the government of the United States. “

According to Border Report, the mayor of Juarez is working on opening up a shelter to keep the migrants from sleeping on the streets.

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