Vehicle burglaries increase in El Paso


El Paso is seeing an increase in car burglaries and police say that a lot of that might have to do with people leaving their vehicles unlocked.

Srg. Robert Gomez with the El Paso Police Department says the city has seen a 36 percent increase of vehicle burglaries. Gomez says thieves will strike anywhere including residential areas and shopping center.

Judith Tena is a Mission Valley resident who says that she always locks her car doors. Tena says she’s surprised at the increase of break-ins. “I’m always in this area and I’ve never heard or seen anything.”

Gomez says that a trend amongst those burglaries is that majority of the vehicles were left unsecured. Just last week the Mission Valley Command Center conducted an operation that found that in one day 137 vehicles in the Mission Valley area were unlocked. Juan Villa is one of those people who doesn’t lock his doors.

“I mean, they’ve never robbed me. I leave a lot of things in my car.. I don’t think there are a lot of people who do it in this area.. it’s pretty calm here,” says Villa. He says that although the he hasn’t experienced vehicle burglary yet, these findings have prompted him to now lock his car.

“It’s one hundred percent preventable. Hide your valuables, lock your car and take your keys,” says Gomez.

Police encourage you to report any suspicious activity, especially if someone is seen pulling on the handles of car doors.

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