Vandals allegedly target a veteran for his political views.


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — A veteran claims his truck was the target of vandals Monday morning. He’s now using the images of spray paint and slashed tires that have ruined his truck to send a message to the community.

Daniel Denis told KTSM his Monday morning was quite normal, he dropped off his kids at school, did some grocery shopping and went home. He said it was when his dog began barking that he decided to go outside to see his truck vandalized.

“Being a white male in El Paso puts a target on your back especially after what happened,” said Denis.

Denis said his truck is well known in his neighborhood, and he was shocked to find what someone had done to his car on his own property.

“At first I was shocked, but then I looked at it and I walked around, it turned into anger, rage, and sadness because I mean this is my truck and I’m a guy who loves his truck and there’s a lot of time and money that I’ve put into it,” said Denis.

Denis says he uses his truck for desert rescues and to help people who get stuck in the dirt while off-roading, but he says he’s no stranger to being discriminated against for his support of President Donald Trump.

“I’ve had cheeseburgers and slushies thrown at my truck while driving for my support of the president,” Denis told KTSM, he added he’s hurt his political views allegedly caused this.

Since the incident, Denis has filed a police report and is installing cameras on his front yard, hoping the alleged vandals get caught.

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