CNN commentator Van Jones pointed out what he said was an aggressive approach by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (D) in indicting former President Trump and more than a dozen others in connection with his efforts to overturn the state’s 2020 election result.

“Well, she didn’t throw the book at him, she threw the library. I think the difference between her approach and Jack Smith’s approach is really night and day,” Jones said during CNN’s live coverage of Monday night’s Trump indictment, his fourth this year. “So you have got a very different player that just stepped on the field with a very different playbook and a very different sense of what justice looks like.”

Trump and eighteen of his lawyers, advisers and affiliates were charged in connection with an alleged ploy to overturn the Georgia presidential election result, including racketeering charges alleging an overarching conspiracy to defraud the state’s election.

The former president alone faces 13 new charges.

Jones celebrated the nature of the charges against Trump.

“I think the people that I am hearing from are very, very proud because this RICO stuff, conspiracy stuff, you’ve got kids in neighborhoods across this country that have gone to jail on RICO charges, conspiracy charges,” the former Obama administration staffer said. “You’ve got kids in jails who were standing outside of the convenience store, their friend went inside and did something stupid, and now everybody they know is in jail.”

“So we are very familiar with the book, the library, half of being thrown at us when somebody does something wrong, and so this is actually what justice looks like,” he continued. “If you say you don’t want a two-tiered justice system, this is what not having a two-tiered justice system looks like. You have an aggressive prosecutor, she is going after you, everybody you know, and she is not messing around.”