EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — The U.S. Army looking for new recruits for the new fiscal year and is using some new tactics to combat what have been described as weak recruiting numbers in recent years.

Army officials told KTSM their recruiting mission is critical, wanting to ensure that the Army has the soldiers that are needed to conduct its missions.

Staff Sgt. Sandy Barrientos told KTSM the U.S. Army provides over 150 careers and there are two types of enlistment options.

Barrientos said being in the military, you are offered many opportunities and benefits such as education, medical and family care.

The U.S. Army, as a whole did not meet its recruiting goals in recent years, but different battalions and other military units across the country have met their individual targeted goals.

“People should not be afraid that just because they’re not making numbers as a whole that we’re not doing well. No, it’s just with current times, we just want to make us aware of the opportunities that we have to offer,” Barrientos said.

Barrientos said the new fiscal year has already started and they are starting fresh, looking for recruits with different educational backgrounds.

“Like I said, just keep that cycle going, building the force and standing ready at all times,” Barrientos said.

She also said that older, more experienced soldiers are retiring and it’s now time for a new generation to step in.

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