EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is launching the “Share the Road: Look Twice for Motorcycles” campaign and a virtual reality exhibit on Thursday, May 4.

The campaign is a reminder to El Paso drivers to remain alert and watch carefully for motorcycles on the road. In 2022, 562 motorcycle riders were killed in motor vehicle crashes in the Lone Star State, an 8% increase over the previous year, according to a release sent by TxDOT.

The virtual reality exhibit will be displayed from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Thursday, May 4 at Southwest University Park located on 1 Ballpark Plaza.

The exhibit will be set up inside the Franklin Ave. gate, near the corner of the E. Franklin Ave & N. Santa Fe Street.

TxDOT says the exhibit will feature an immersive, 360-degree virtual reality component that gives participants the opportunity to experience high-risk traffic situations from the perspective of both a driver and a motorcyclist in addition to a giant inflatable motorcycle.

TxDOT shares the following safety precautions to all motorists:

  • Stay alert and give driving your full attention.
  • A momentary distraction, such as answering a phone call or changing the radio station can have deadly consequences.
  • Pay special attention at intersections, one-third of all motorcycle fatalities happen at roadway intersections.
  • Take extra care when making a left turn.
  • Always assume motorcycles are closer than they appear and avoid turning in front of an oncoming motorcycle.
  • Look twice when changing lanes.
  • Check mirrors, check blind spots and use turn signals.
  • Give motorcyclists room when passing them.
  • Move over to the passing lane and don’t crowd the motorcyclist’s full lane.
  • Stay back if you’re behind a motorcycle and always maintain a safe following distance.
  • When a motorcyclist downshifts, it can catch drivers off guard since there are no brake lights to signal reduced speed.
  • Slow down, obey posted speed limits and drive according to conditions.