TxDOT project to remove 11 mural-covered columns in South-Central El Paso


CORRECTION: Only 16 murals will be lost during the I-10 Connect Project. An earlier version of this story reported that all but one mural would be taken down. 

STORY: The colorful, hand-painted murals covering highway columns in South-Central El Paso have become a symbolic part of the Borderland.

However, due to TxDOT’s upcoming I-10 Connect Project, 16 murals are expected to be removed from the spots they’ve occupied for years.

The project includes moving the ramp from I-10 onto the Bridge of the Americas. 

The neighborhood’s Lincoln Center will, however, remain standing after a local organization negotiated with TxDOT to keep it. Although the state owns the building, TxDOT says it was spared from demolition due to public demand.

Although the Lincoln Park Conservation Committee also wanted to preserve the murals, members say they’re happy the old building will stay standing.

“The Lincoln Center is very important to the Mexican American community,” committee member Hector Gonzalez told KTSM. “This is the first school where Mexican-American children and African-American children were able to go to school at a time when schools were segregated. And it’s still stands 108 years after it was built.”

The building is currently vacant and available for lease. 

TxDOT says construction of the project is expected to start sometime next year and will take about three years to complete.

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