EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Two young men from Eastlake High School brought an idea to life, they created a Christian clothing brand called Versatile Kollections and their goal is to reach different audiences.

Andre Sanchez and Alejandro Hernandez are the men behind Versatile Kollections they said they want their brand to be about “what you are and be who you are.”

“…We work like Yin and Yang. We just equal out each other.” Sanchez said.

The two brought their idea to life at the beginning of 2023.

“I called him while he was at work. He was at Subway. I’m like, hey, bro, we should just start a brand.” Sanchez said.

“I kind of started with sketches, really just drawing. Just like a notebook and you be like, how does this like kind of like that was cool. Some sketches, and he’s like, how does that look?” Hernandez said.

When Sanchez and Hernandez created their first product they were amazed by the support that their peers gave them.

The two said they constantly saw people wearing their brand.

“…it does make us happy, because they[supporters] are like, oh, let us know when you drop T-shirts, when can you drop shorts like we want to buy,” Hernandez said.

The two told KTSM they hope to one day have to turn their brand into a franchise and even get the famous artist to wear their clothing.

“That’s the dream. But it’s like let’s just do something that we can be proud of later in the future.” Hernandez said.

To check out the Versatile Kollections brand, click here.