BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Three women were arrested Wednesday in Brownsville after attempting to give their iPhone cases a free makeover at Walmart, according to police.

Victoria Renee Garcia, 18; Aurora Alondra Ambriz, 19; and Paulina Marisol Hernandez, 20; were accused of looking through iPhone covers in the electronics department of the Walmart on Boca Chica Bouelvard and then taking the covers out of the boxing and exchange them for their old ones, police said Friday.

A Walmart loss prevention officer said the store’s staff witnessed all three women exchange old iPhone cases for the new ones and then walk toward the exit of the store, police said.

Garcia, Ambriz and Hernandez “passed all points of sale without making any attempt to purchase the items they placed on their phones,” reads a police statement about the incident.

Walmart loss prevention officers confronted the women and called the Brownsville Police Department to the location.

The women were arrested and transported to the Brownsville City Jail, where Investigator Martin Sandoval, the Brownsville Police Department public information officer, said they were giggling as their mugshots were taken.

Garcia, Ambriz and Hernandez were each charged with theft, a class C misdemeanor. The three were arraigned Thursday.

Garcia and Hernandez received 1-month deferred probation; Ambriz was fined $350, according to police.