The Resler exit ramp will be closed for the next three months starting today


The Resler exit ramp will be closed for the next three months. This is to connect the Resler ramp to new collector-distributor lanes that have yet to be built along Interstate 10.

Collector-distributor lanes are high-speed roadways that “collect and distribute” vehicles, reducing the need for weaving and merging on the interstate main lanes. 

“Once that ramp opens up again in about three months it will be accessible through the collector-distributor lanes so people will need to remember that you will exit where you see the Sunland Park exit you’ll exit in that area and stay on the collector-distributor lanes and go onto Resler,” said TxDOT spokeswoman Lauren Macias-Cervantes.

However there is some good news for drivers, the Sunland Park Eastbound exit ramp will be finished by Feb. 4. This is one example of the collector-distributor lanes that are nearly completed. Then the work on the North Mesa project between Osborne and Remcon is expected to be done by Feb 17. 

“This is a result of the city growing this is again to improve the safety and mobility in getting around in our area but it’s also related to funding right this is a good thing that our area is getting funding for projects,” Macias-Cervantes said.

What you need to know:

Tuesday, Jan 29: Resler exit ramp closes.

Sunday, Feb 3:  Close the Sunland Eastbound exit.

Monday, Feb 4: Open the permanent Sunland eastbound exit.

Sunday, Feb 17: Target date to finish pavement work on North Mesa between Osborne and Remcon. 

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